V.R.S. Diaries


Texas was featured in The Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar article (March 2007)
"Celebrating Camp Horses, a tribute to the unsung heroes of summer".

"When i first saw Texas i was thinking awww he is so cute but if he is 43 how can he jump and do cross country and dressage. He totally proved me wrong. He is the most amazing 43 year old pony in the world. I LOVE him so much!!!!!"

Hilary Winocoor, 2006

"Texas is one special horse, with a heart larger than most. I had never heard of a horse that had such love, passion, and dedication to his job. When I was fortunate enough to be his camper for three weeks, he taught me so much about the sport of eventing- especially cross-country! I know of no other horse over 30 that enjoys galloping around over jumps as much as Texas. Texas is a local hero at Vershire and I feel very fortunate to have even met this amazing gelding!"

Kate Albright, 2005

"Texas was an amazing horse. He was the first horse I ever rode at Vershire and he taught me just how much heart a horse can have. I fell in love with him during the 3 weeks that I was blessed to ride him and the years more I got to see him. There is probably no other horse like Texas in the world.

Alice VanBokkelen

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